'World's best ever' ghost photo 'shows ABRAHAM LINCOLN at White House'

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Some have suggested the translucent figure in the back right of the image could even be the ghost of former President Abraham Lincoln.

The image was taken by photographer Abbie Rowe during Harry S Truman’s reconstruction of the White House in 1950.

It shows the eerie figure standing on his own away from a group of there men to the left.

Ghost hunter Joshua P Warren, questioned if it was the “most amazing ghost picture” ever in a YouTube video featuring his investigations into the image.

He said the White House was alleged to be haunted by the ghost of the former president, and the figure was standing beneath the Lincoln bedroom.

During his inquiry he tried to track down the original negative, but was unable to.

He said: “But it is an official government photograph, and no one contest its authenticity.”

He visited photography exports for their views.

James D Steele said: “He is very fuzzy. My inclination is to suspect it is as a result of low iso very low sensitive film , a long shutter speed, so someone stood for two or three seconds.

“Long enough to register, but they moved quickly to another place out of view.”

However, he admitted if it were a ghost he would have no way of telling the difference.

Another snapper Pete McCutchen argued it could also be a pattern on the stone, which appeared like a human figure due to the effects of pareidolia when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in a pattern or texture. 

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