Woman Shared How She Transformed Her Scarry Rented Room into a Wonderful and Comfortable Room

With today’s economy, the cost of living in the city will continue to rise until having a family to support is nearly impossible.

With the cost of rent and expenses, a family will have no choice but to transform a small place into their home. Such as the story of this young girl who recently went to live in the city bringing her hope and dreams of success.

First off, she had to find a place to live in. Unfortunately, one scary looking room was her only option. It was cheap, but it looks like it was part of a crime scene. 

The walls were covered with crayon doodles which a five-year-old might think it was a masterpiece. The bed and cabinets look so worn out. You’d think it once served in a soldier from World War I. 

The total aura of the room may scare you with just one look. So she decided to transform the room into a better looking one wherein she can live without the fear of blood spontaneously dripping down the walls.

Looking at the photos, she checked which parts to remodel fully and others who only need a slight paint. She first drew out the room and planned what to change. Then she removed the old paint by scraping them off. 

Now the crayon drawings are gone, she repainted her walls to white. 

She also replaced the bed with a smaller one, and hung up accessories and placed small appliances. 

She also remodeled the huge cabinet on one corner of the room.

 Now her rooms look phenomenal! It looks like it came right out of a home magazine! Amazing!

Her room looks very fancy even though she had a minimalist concept. 

It looks so clean and clutter free. Who would’ve thought it was once a horrible looking room? Now that her room looks like this, do you think it still looks scary?

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