Woman Hilariously ‘Remakes’ Celebrity Instagram Photos and the Internet Just Loves It

She even got her friends to jump in and help her make some of the photos!

Celebrities, just like the rest of today’s society, have become just as obsessed with Twitter and Instagram. With this, we are given an exclusive look into their high-profile looks to date. More often than not, celebs can get a bit snap happy when they’re on Twitter and Instagram and wind up posting a series of shots that you don’t really need or sometimes want to see. But when one photo goes viral, the internet is on fire!

How do these celebrities take epic photos anyway? While most of celebrity Instagram photos are taken by professionals, there are a few artistic pictures taken by chance as well. But one thing is for sure: without the help of a professional, remaking these photos would definitely be a hard task.

But for Australian comedienne Celeste Barber, remaking celeb photos can be easy as pie—as long as you open your mind to any possibility. Barber decided to focus her efforts towards making parodies of celebrity Instagram selfies, and she’s encouraging others to do the same under the #CelesteChallengeAccepted hashtag.

Two years after her initial photos went viral, Barber is now back with more hilarious celebrity Instagram photo parodies! Her ongoing series #CelesteChallengeAccepted doesn’t seem to be coming to an end because celebrities keep uploading images with weird poses, questionable outfits, and strange props.

Would you dare try the challenge? Share your photos in the comment box below!

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