Will 2017 be year Donald Trump announces aliens exist? Pressure mounts for 'disclosure'

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Alien conspiracy theorists are convinced that intelligent aliens, not only exist, but are visiting the planet and even meeting with world leaders behind our backs.

The theory is that it is hidden from the general public due to fears that religion and the rule of law would break down if we knew the truth,

For years a “disclosure” movement has called on world governments to lift the “embargo” and tell us the truth.

Now the campaign has notched up a gear with the formation of campaign group The Disclosure Activists.

Its founders Dr Lisa Galarneau and Russell Calka, plan to approach the disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence from an “aggressive and multi-level platform”, by trying to get more reports in the mainstream media.

In a statement on The Disclosure Activists web site, Mr Calka said: “I have come to the final conclusion that the only thing that will save this planet from self-destruction and allow the human species to advance our development amongst the stars is the formal acknowledgment of an extraterrestrial presence.”

Dr Galarneau even believes that aliens have given world leaders technology, including the ability to create costless electricity, but withhold it from us so business tycoons can still cash in on fossil fuels. 

She added: “We are aware that there are a number of suppressed technologies, including free energy, that have been withheld from our citizenry. 

“We know that extraterrestrial craft have been reverse-engineered and that our military and space programs have craft of their own.”

The pair hope that Trump’s maverick nature could make him the first president to tear up the “truth embargo”.

But, aside from pressuring the US Government, they have also set up a petition to be presented to the United Nations and 49 countries. 

The international petition states: “Two decades after the end of the Cold War it is no longer acceptable for any nation, organisation, or media/press outlet to withhold from our world’s citizens the truths confirming that we are not alone in the universe. 

“Indeed we are being visited by extraterrestrial lifeforms and have been for decades, as evidenced by unexplained phenomena world-wide. 

“Until this ‘truth embargo’ is ended, governments, organisations and world citizens will not engage, the universities will not teach, the media will not properly cover, and granting institutions will not fund the myriad of profound issues relating to extraterrestrial phenomena and their impact on humanity.”

It is not the first group set up to fight for disclosure.

The Paradigm Research Group has been fight for disclosure for several years, so far without success.

Its founder Steve Bassett, is the only registered lobbyist in the US on the issue of aliens and UFOs.


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