Why President Trump has been INUNDATED with calls about UFOs

Mr Trump launched an immigration hotline for people to reported suspected ‘illegal aliens’ in the US.

But, it appears many people got the wrong end of the stick or have been making deliberate hoax calls.

On its opening day, there were mass calls reporting alien and UFO sightings.

Set up amid much controversy, the VOICE hotline launched last week was a bid to tackle and stem illegal immigration.

The new hotline, under the Department of Homeland Security, aims to help “victims and their families who have been impacted by crimes committed by removable criminal aliens”.

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said: “Until today, those victimised at the hands of illegal aliens have had no point of contact in our federal government dedicated to this issue and to them. 

“Families would call and would send letters all over Washington hoping that someone in some agency would respond.” 

But, instead there has been a mass of UFO-related activity.

Twitter users have been trolling the phone number with reports of extraterrestrials.

Steven Santos tweeted: “If any of you need to report space aliens to our government, please call their hotline: 1-855-48-VOICE. Here are some of their Most Wanted.”

Jordan said: “The truth IS out there! If you’ve been probed by illegal extraterrestrial aliens, call 1-855-48-VOICE & let them know.”

Anti-Trump activists rallied on social media under the hashtag #AlienDay to encourage others to flood the hotline with UFO calls. 

Alexander McCoy tweeted: “Wouldn’t it be a shame if millions of people called this hotline to report their encounters with aliens of the UFO-variety.”

The real use of the hotline has been strongly criticised by opponents.

Brent Wilkes, head the of League of United Latin American Citizens, said: “This just continues the campaign strategy Donald Trump employed to vilify immigrants and identify them with a small number of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.” 

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