What You Do Wrong: Habits Of Ladies That Double The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer.

What You Do Wrong: Habits Of Ladies That Double The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer


Most women are conceited when it comes to hygiene especially down there. Tons of feminine products women use are a proof of that narcissistic idea.

Little did they know that that there are habits women do that contributes to the risk of getting ovarian cancer.

National Institute of Science said that the certain habit that links to ovarian cancer development is reportedly done by most of the women globally.


Ovarian cancer refers to the cancer growth in the ovary. Most of the cancers arise from the epithelium or outer lining of the ovary.
It is also tagged as a “silent killer” because it doesn’t show any symptoms until it is severe and incurable.

What is the habit that contributes to the risk?

Research says that the frequent washing of the private part of women caused the development of ovarian cancer as most women supposed that frequent cleaning will make it cleaner and healthier.

Doctors discourage women from washing their private part with douching water or fluids because it destroys the natural balance of the healthy bacteria and makes a way for infection.

Some study shows that 29% of 232 participants said that they regularly wash their vagina while 57% does the opposite. A study revealed that those 29 has cases related to pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, fungal infection, and reduced fertility.

Professor Joelle Brown, University of California epidemiology said that she was shocked about the study linking to the development of ovarian cancer.

However, millions of women still doing this habit not thinking the long-term result.


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