What If Everything You Can Imagine Could Be Real

I’m Justin Peters, a 22 years old self-taught digital surrealist artist from Germany who merges reality with his own imagination cleverly using Photoshop, since 2016 (previously here).

“Everything you can imagine is real” by Pablo Picasso is a quote I live by especially when creating my work which is inspired by the world around me and surreal painters. Painting my own dreamworld where everything is possible through the unexpected and unique imagery combinations and photo manipulations using photos I find on the internet. I hope that when people experience my work, they discover a new and different world, which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind. I’ll help people engage with their emotions and understand that they can do anything they want to.

More info: jstnptrs.myportfolio.com | Instagram | behance.net

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What If Everything You Can Imagine Could Be Real

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