Wedding Photo Booth Double Sided Cards, Jumbo-Sized, 6-Pack

Our Premium Photo Props provide a great aesthetic to your wedding photos.Create memories that will last a lifetime with these fun, energetic photo props. Give your photos life and create lasting memories with these premium wedding photo props!STAND OUT FROM ‘ME-TOO’ WEDDINGS: With copycat weddings using the typical ‘mustache and lipstick’ props, make yours exclusive with these high-end photo booth props that your friends will adore.
UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: Let these personality-filled cards bring out the fun in your guests on both sides of the family and make your wedding a night to remember for years to come.
SHOWS UP GREAT IN PICTURES: Extra-large props will catch eyes when you print your photos or post them online for friends.
FUN FOR EVERYONE: Designs range from low-key to funny and exciting, so every personality can join in
DOUBLE-SIDED: One design is printed on each side for a total of 12 designs over 6 cards.

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