VIRAL: Woman Losses Her Undies While Riding A Surfing Stimulator!

One woman learned her surfing lesson the hard way after attempting to learn surfing through a 40-foot-long simulator in the MS Quantum of the Sea Caribbean cruise.

Surfing is a water sports activity wherein the wave rider called surfer rides a surfing board to face a moving wave in the ocean carrying him/her towards the shore. People who are into this sport would often say that the adrenaline rush and challenge of balancing in the surfboard makes the sport more exciting and addicting.

For newbies who wanted to try surfing, instructors would often guide them directly in the ocean while some would first try a surfing simulator with artificial waves in order to get a glimpse on how surfing would be like without drowning themselves in the ocean. When engaging in this kind of extreme sports, aside from being physically fit, one should also be properly dressed as it involves a lot of moving that might cause a “wardrobe malfunction”.

Since the surfing simulator produces artificial waves with a speed of 40 miles per hour as the rider goes down the slope called Flowrider, it is like experiencing a real wave in the ocean makes you feel like a legit surfer.’

When this unnamed woman attempted to try the simulator, she thought everything will go smooth and fun. In the 17-seconder-clip, it could be seen that the lady was wearing a two-piece bikini while holding a mini-surfboard as the instructor assists her.

When it is her time to plunge into the slope, she began sliding downhill facing strong waves. As soon as she reached the end, everything looks like a success. However, she didn’t notice that her butt is already barely exposed as her bikini bottom was also hit hard by the waves making it slide down her legs.

Onlookers screamed as they witness the embarrassing moment of the lady surfer. Good thing, the lady was a good sport as she was also seen laughing at her own embarrassing moment.

Watch the embarrassing video below:

Source: UrDailyJournal

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