Turkish Heiress Bride-To-Be Mira Basaran and her Entire Bachelorette Party Killed in a Plane Crash

Weddings are so much fun when celebrating with your family and closest friends. It’s a wonderful event to celebrate the union of two families. 

However, some old women say that when getting married, best avoid traveling far as the wedding might not come true. I guess that old saying does not only apply to soon-to-be graduates but also to soon-be-brides. A Turkish heiress and soon-to-be bride, unfortunately, would not be walking down the aisle after all.

Daughter of a Turkish businessman and top shareholder of Bahrain Middle East Bank BSC, Mira Basaran has the means to throw a lavish bachelorette party. 

Together with her closest and dearest friends, the 28-year old heiress travel via a private plane to One and Only Royal Mirage Luxury Hotel in Dubai. She and her entourage had a good time based on their Instagram posts. 

Using hashtag #minasbachelorette they shared their happy photos with Mina. Mina seems to be enjoying her time as she posted a photo of her holding a bouquet of flowers and balloons in their private plane. 

However, the last photo she uploaded was of her in a white robe together with her entourage wearing pink robes and all of the sporting sunglasses.

As they were traveling back home, an unfortunate accident happened as their plane crashed last Sunday into an Iranian mountainside. 

According to Iranian state-run media outlet IRNA, there were ten bodies recovered from the crash site. The wrecked plane was found in Zagros mountains near the city of Shahr-e Kord. 

According to the data gathered by the flight-tracking website, FlightRadar24, after an hour after takeoff, the plane rapidly gained altitude and then suddenly dropped and hit the mountainside. Witnesses stated that the plane was already on fire before it crashed into the mountain.

A black box was recovered from the plane and authorities are now looking into it for the reason of the accident. As of now, the families of the victims are in Shahr-e Kord awaiting the arrival of the bodies. But due to bad weather conditions, helicopters are still on standby before going to the crash site.

Mina was supposed to be married on April 14. We could only offer our condolences to the families of the victims.

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