Truck Driver's Cellphone Got Snatched But Tries to Recover from the Thief in the Most Bad-ass Way!

Maybe some of us have already experienced being rob or attacked by thieves and stole personal stuff from us.

We probably reacted to revive what was lost in us like our wallets, phones or other valuable items but in the safest way possible because we rather lose our replaceable items that our lives.

Some of us would just go to the police station and report what has happened and hope that they will catch the thief. However, there are some who refuses to be the victims, and they do something extraordinary to get the things the thief had taken from them.

One such example is an unknown truck driver from China who has a gadget that was suddenly grabbed by a thief. According to the news the truck driver was trying to call or reach someone using his phone when a thief appeared from the window of his truck and automatically grabbed his phone.

As seen in the video, the thief hopped on his motorcycle and took off carrying the gadget he has stolen from the driver. The driver was surprised at what had happened, so he immediately got down from the truck and crossed the opposite lane.

Instead of chasing the thief, he waited for him to arrive with his motorcycle and as he came speeding forward, the truck driver jumped and kicked the thief in mid-air.

The thief and the truck driver both fell on the ground after the truck driver kicks the thief and the truck driver immediately retrieves his phone. Luckily, the truck driver only suffered minor scratched while the thief who was so scared with the truck driver got on his motorcycle and sped off.

The video thought us to think twice before we act, and we hope that it would be a lesson to us that stealing stuff from other people is not a good habit.

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