Topless Woman Found Lying Under a Bus in the Busy Road of London

We are often told that we discover something every day. True enough, this news is something new but not for London. A woman was allegedly found under the bus in Ilford, East London, naked and fearless. A photo of her while she was under the bus was posted on social media where it rounds the internet and even left netizens in total shock after seeing the said photo.

She was lying under the front part of the bus without anything that can cover her exposed body, but only black underwear and the worst part is the fact that she was seen laughing.

Aside from the photo, there was also a video of her filmed by a driver who happens to pass by the same road as the bus and was posted on Instagram. The man who filmed the said video said that the woman always makes a stunt like the one under the bus.

As the video started, you can see that the man was saying, “Once a week, you see this [woman] under the bus. Again. This time, she’s naked.” And he added “Look at her. Once a week, you know. Once a week she’s pulling stuff like this.” You can also see on the video that the woman is covering her breast with her one arm while the other arm covers her face. However, she removes her arm to reveal her face and smile to the people who are taking videos of her.

The video footage of the woman earned 177k views on Instagram! Even though the time and date were not specified, it seems that the woman went trending because of this stunt.

Several netizens claimed that they also saw the same woman a few weeks ago which proved that everything the man says about the woman pulling crazy stunts every week is true.

Some commented on the photo and said, “Mumzy [sic] just told me she saw her now doing the same s**t.” Another comment from netizens says, “Is that the same woman that used to be in south London. She closed the road once in Peckham, and the police don’t come out for her. The public had to drag her out from under the bus.”

Life can be boring sometimes, but it isn’t a reason to do dangerous things like this. We can all agree life is short and without excitement it is dull, but always keep in mind that safety is still the most important thing.

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