To Leave Her Husband, Mistress Bid For Money From The Legal Wife. But She Didn’t Realize What’s Coming.

To Leave Her Husband, Mistress Bid For Money From The Legal Wife. But She Didn’t Realize What’s Coming.

Infidelity is now often portrayed in movies and T.V series as much as it happens in real life. You’ll never know what the legal wife could do if she found the mistress of her husband. That could be tragic, I guess?

As we see in those movies or T.V series, mistresses are often a fighter, aggressive, and confident. They consider what they have is there’s. The fact is, it is merely scripted and all lines were created to move people’s emotions far distant from the fact. However, attitudes portrayed by the mistress in movies somehow reflect in real life.

According to a Facebook page ““Legal Army Wives”, a wife from Davao whose name was not stated pinned her husband’s mistress Charlene Ramirez after they encounter.

Instead of asking for forgiveness for what she has done, the mistress has the audacity to blatantly extorted money from the legal wife.

On their conversation through text message, the mistress asked for P10,000 in exchange to leave her husband and stay away from him. For her family’s well-being, she agreed to the mistress bid.

The mistress thought that the wife is like all other wives who are martyred. Instead, she taught the mistress a lesson she didn’t realize coming.

Both of them agreed to meet in a certain place and hand the money she asked. But the wife has already a plan to pinned the mistress.

The wife asked for the police assistance and there, the mistress was apprehended.

Now, the 21 years old mistress named Charlene Ramirez is now behind bars, facing legal charges against extorting money from the wife.

This wife is not like any other protagonist in movies who stands martyr but instead, handle the situation in a legal manner to save her marriage and family.


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