This Woman Buys Underground World War II Bunker and Then Spend 5 Years Just to Transform it into a Beautiful and Comfortable Home

A 1942 bunker that set on the cliffs of Land’s End in Cornwall was now a spacious bungalow. This bunker was used to guard Britain’s cliffs against the Nazis, and it was used in various ways during the World War II. 

It was used to navigate the pilots from above and detect nearby spies, and also to protect the tower station nearby Porthcurno.

However, it was neglected for decades and was then used to plant and harvest potatoes after the war, and it remained untouched for several years until a lady named Elizabeth Strutton sawed a certain advertisement in a Penzance estate. 

The bunker was surrounded by grass and shrubs before the work began. The outside look of the bunker was not changed entirely but it had an amazing transformation on the inside.

It was bought by Elizabeth Strutton, a 42-year-old former property developer, with a net value of £43,000. However, things turned for the worst, the market went down which forced Elizabeth to sell her house and had to relocate to a warden.

According to her, “At First it was just an unmissable opportunity- this is like the highlight of someone’s career. I was always going to move on and continue with the business”. “Then the crashed happened, and I was stuck. It was very poor timing”. “I had other properties – three-bed semis – that I would have lived in. but in an economic crisis, those are far more sell-able”.

Now let’s look at the crazy makeover of Elizabeth’s den.

Once an air circulation unit ventilating the hideout was now transformed into a bedroom. It was designed with orange walls, carpets and was matched with modern lights.

This area is used to spy the skies and help protect vital cable tower to make it difficult to find.

The three-bed bungalow has a 23 ft open plan living area

Due to lack of windows and fire escapes, they had to get through the concrete roof just to place an emergency fire sprinkler which took them more than a month.

The bathrooms which were built in 1942 is now colorful and has a stylish and sleek design with no evidence of the year it was built.

Elizabeth also gets a perfect wireless connection in her historical paradise and it was all because of the nearby Porthcurno BT Tower.

Orange walls, beautiful carpeting, and modern lights perfectly mixed in this room.

However, because of Elizabeth’s work, she planned to sell the place and it has a market price of £275,000. According to her, “Sometimes you do have to move on, but really I could live here forever. It is beautiful and special”.

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