This Man Is Often Laugh By People Because Of Being A Scavenger! Little Did They Know, This Is For His Community!

Gregory Kloehn, an artist based in Oakland, California proved this through his passion project, the “Homeless Homes Project.”

This project started when a homeless man sought some tarp from his shop. At the time, he had a lot of materials lying around for his art projects as a sculptor. He decided to give the homeless man more than what he asked for. Instead of giving the man some tarp, he gave the man a home.

Since then, Kloehn had completely shifted from sculpting to designing and building small, mobile dwellings for the homeless.

Unlike other home projects, this project doesn’t require much funding. The artist himself simply goes dumpster diving to salvage whatever materials he could find and use to build the homes.Pretty impressive right?

These “little dwellings” are small enough to be mobile, having wheels that allow its owners to easily relocate whenever it is necessary. The main materials used for these sturdy, cozy and weather-proof enough to shelter the homeless from an icy winter night or a smoldering summer day.

Because of his noble intention and awesome craftsmanship, Kloehn’s passion project immediately gained the attention of media and advocacy groups. Even netizens were moved enough to donate to Kloehn materials and cash he could use to create more homes for the homeless.

“The Homeless Homes Project is an asymmetrical approach to modern living where collective ideas, goodwill, and basic construction skills unite to repurpose the abundance of everyday garbage into viable living spaces.

His website ( is open to individuals who can help and donate to help as many people as he could, giving them homes.


Source: Showbiz Trends

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