This Luxurious Car Was Accidentally Scratched By a Fish Vendor But the Owner Let them Off with a Simple Favor that Melts the Heart of Everyone

Nowadays, a lot of people treat their replaceable things especially their cars as one of the important things in their lives.

Some believe that their expensive cars are one of their trophy cars and they won’t let anyone who would dare to scratch it because it will cost them thousands of dollars to repair a simple scratch from their luxurious car.

Some people are so arrogant who want those people who scratch their car to pay a big amount of money. However, there are still people who are so kind enough to consider a simple sorry and their status in life.

In Thailand’s Nonthaburi Province there was a fish vendor couple that accidentally scratched a luxurious car, which is the most horrifying day of their lives.

According to the story published by Viral4Real, an old car that was owned and driven by the said couple accidentally bumped a parked luxurious Lamborghini.

When the couple realized that they bumped into an expensive car, they immediately get out of their car and starts saying sorry to the owner and plead him that they will pay the damages they made on installments. The couple asked the owner if they could pay the expensive repair on installment even if their car had more damage than the luxurious car.

The couple was ready to receive foul words from the owner. However, they were left in total shock when the owner of the expensive car refuse their payment for the damages they made to his car.

According to the owner, they don’t have to pay the repair since they didn’t have any money to pay the insurance of their car. The tycoon owner forgave the couple, and instead of asking for money to repair his expensive car, he asked a simple favor.

The tycoon owner’ favor is that the couple must promise to donate a 3000 Thai Baht for ten times as compensation to a temple.

The story of this couple and the tycoon owner went viral and circulated online. The kind-hearted tycoon owner gives a simple but meaningful statement regarding on their story as he said, “I do not want to brag that I am rich but the reason is I do not want this couple to compensate me for the damages caused to my car is because I want people to learn to forgive others. My car is very expensive and so what? If this accident was not done deliberately, shouldn’t we forgive others with an open heart?”

Kindness is a quality that human beings show in various ways and how you express yourself shows the kind of person you are, either you are rude or considerate, selfish or generous.

Treating others the way you would like to be treated is the easiest rule to follow and encourages others to treat you in kind.

Even the most polite people in the world can occasionally say the wrong thing or make mistakes, but being kind, considerate, and generous on a daily basis shows true manners.

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