'This is NOT a hoax' Asteroid strike will kill millions in JUNE, shocking video claims

The chilling claims uploaded to YouTube alleges the space rock will land in the ocean off the coast of Puerto Rico at 2am local time on June 23. 

The video entitled ‘[NOT A HOAX] Urgent Warning to Earth! MASSIVE Asteroid will hit Earth on June 23rd 2017′ warns the events will be caused by God before the Rapture, and the only way to survive will be by following Jesus Christ.

It has been uploaded to the new YouTube channel End of The World Apocalypse News and Updates.

The religious video claims the authorities are aware it is coming, but they “remain silent”.

A promotional blurb on YouTube states: “I have some Urgent news for you all today, I have just discovered on Nasa’s Website that is named 3BC2017 a large asteroid is going to smash right into Earth causing a huge tsunami wave across the Atlantic Sea killing millions of citizens around the world. 

“This is not hoax or a scare prank, it is a true real event that is going to happen very soon in June.”

The conspiracy theory video says the authorities are expecting millions of people to die and there to be vast shortages of food and medical supplies for 15 months.

An unnamed video narrator states: “The impact of the asteroid will occur at 2am in the sea east of Puerto Rico.

“The impact will stop the rotation of the earth for three days. It will create a 12 magnitude earthquake – the shockwaves will be felt around the whole world.”

The narrator said a huge tsunami would be triggered along with winds of 33 miles per hour.

The narrator added: “The presence of Lord Jehova on Earth will be felt around the whole world.

“It is Jesus Christ only, the son of God. this is God’s wake up call, look for security in no other person living or dead.”

The video is seen as a hoax, which is being used to promote hardline Christian beliefs about the Second Coming.

There have been countless similar warnings on YouTube before about asteroids or earthquakes, and the dates have all come and gone.

The asteroid the video names as 3BC2017 is not a name used by NASA in any of its official asteroid databases, so does not exist.

Many hoax apocalypse prediction videos are placed on YouTube just to raise advertising revenue due to the large number of views they attract.

NASA says videos like this are just hoaxes, and scaremongering, and that it knows of no asteroid that could hot the earth for at least 100 years.

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