This Flower Can Save Your Life and You’re not Aware With It.

From being known as a decorative plant, now making a hallmark of having a health benefit that could treat health conditions and diseases.

Who would have thought that a high-climbing plant that can always be seen in some landscapes and loans with thorns and beautiful, diverse flower colors has actually a medicinal value?


Bougainvillea, a native plant from South Africa and Argentina, is known to be a decorative plant suitable for landscapes and some decoration purposes. This plant grows well in tropical or warm places. It grows from 1 to 12 m (3 to 40 ft.) tall and crawls toward other plants. Some species have long spiky thorns and some have small spikes. Bougainvillea has flowers in bright and diverse colors such as white, pink, magenta, red, orange, purple, and yellow.

What’s more surprising about this plant is that it has health benefits that can treat some health conditions and diseases. Aside from its decorative use, it is proven effective to treat some conditions. If you have this on your loan or garden, you got a 2-in-1 benefit.

Here are some surprising health benefits Bougainvillea can give to you and conditions it could treat.


1. Bougainvillea is used for cough relief and helps remove the mucus.
2. Bougainvillea is popularly used as a fever decreaser or Antipyretic.
3. Bougainvillea is used for improving the respiratory function of lungs and its ability to oxygenate.
4. Bougainvillea is used for indigestion. It helps improve the digestive system to function and in proper balance. In this condition, it’s not the flower that is being used but the roots and leaves.
5. Bougainvillea is used for skin care. It has antiseptic properties that help to prevent and removing acne, infections, and some skin toxins. It’s popularly and effectively used as skin cleansing.
6. Bougainvillea is known to heal wounds fast by soaking it in cold infusion.
7. Bougainvillea is used as a tea, It helps detoxify both outside and inside our bodies. It effective health benefits helps cleanings our body organs.

It’s not only the Bougainvillea flower that has health benefits but also its roots and leaves. In some conditions, its flower is being used, and in some cases, use its roots and leaves. The use of Bougainvillea is dependent on the conditions and diseases.

How to prepare

Just cut some flowers, leaves or roots depending on your need and condition. Thoroughly clean it with cold water. Boil water in a pan and put the flowers. When the water is changed, remove the pan from the fire and strain it. For better taste, add honey.


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