The Two Beasts of Revelation 13

Revelation 13 describes two “beasts” that seem to play a major role in the end times.  The first beast John sees is rising up out of the “sea”.  The second beast is seen rising up out of the “earth”.  Does the sea and earth have any significance with regards to these two beasts?  Does it help us identify who they are?  Yes.  Let’s look at their descriptions and explore who these beasts could be and what they will do in the last days.

We know from the book of Daniel that beasts in Bible prophecy represent nations (Daniel 7). The first beast as already mentioned rises up out of the sea.  Now in Revelation 17:15 we find out what “water” represents in Revelation Bible prophecy.  The angel in Revelation 17 reveals that the water represents “peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues”.  So this is a kingdom that arises out from a very populated area where there are many different people, nations and languages (tongues).  Many people believe this is pointing to Rome and more specifically Papal Rome, as it matches the little horn of Daniel 7, which arose in Europe, amongst the other ten nations of Europe after Pagan Rome fell.  I would agree with this belief.

In verse 2 of Revelation 13 we find that this beast is made up of the beasts from Daniel 7, which represented Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece and Rome.  So this “sea” beast is a culmination of the four beasts from Daniel 7.  All the Pagan nations of the past have formed into this one “beast”.  So this kingdom is full of Pagan practices that came from Babylon and were incorporated into the nations after it.  Again, this matches Papal Rome which is full of Pagan practices.

Next, we see that this beast in Revelation 13 receives a deadly wound at come point (v3).  But the wound is healed and the world ends up “wondering” after the beast.  In 1798, the Papal Church of Rome received a “deadly wound” when Napoleon marched his army into Rome and took the Pope captive.  This ended the Papal rule and everyone thought the Papacy was at an end.  But in 1929, this wound to the Papacy began to heal when Mussolini signed a treaty which restored the “Holy See” as sovereign of Vatican state.

Now the most compounding evidence that this “sea” beast is pointing to the Papal Church of Rome is what we find in verses 5-7. There we find that this beast was “granted” to rule for 42 prophetic months, which equates to 1260 prophetic days, or 1260 literal years.  Did the Papacy rule for that length of time?  Yes.  From 538 to 1798 the Papacy enjoyed complete rule of the nations, until as stated, the French army captured the Pope.  We also find that the sea beast blasphemes against God, “speaking great things”.  The Papacy has from her beginnings spoken great things, saying that she is the only church whereby we can be saved.  And that the Pope is equal to God.  Then verse 7 tells us that the beast would make war with the saints of God.  This matches the Papal Church perfectly, as it is said that she has the blood of millions of Christians on her hands from the inquisitions and dark days of persecution.

This sea beast matches the Papal Church of Rome perfectly.  No other kingdom matches the description of the sea beast the way the Vatican does.

So what about the other beast of Revelation 13?  This beast in contrast rises from the “earth”.  Now if the sea represents a place of many people, nations and tongues, then the earth would be the opposite and denote a place of wilderness.  This earth beast rises at a time when the sea beast receives it’s wound, which was 1798.  Did we have a nation that arose from a “wilderness” area during the time of 1798?  Yes, America!

We can also identify this beast from the other descriptions of it.  In verse 11 of Revelation 13 it tells us that this earth beast has two horns like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon.  When we think of a lamb in the Bible, we think of Christ Jesus. Does this match America?  Yes, as she arose as a Christian nation.  Also, horns in Bible prophecy denotes “power”.  So was America based upon two “powers”?  Yes.  Religious liberty and Civil Liberty.  These horns could refer to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  The two “powers” that America was based upon.  And is America, the “Christian” nation speaking like a dragon today?  Most certainly.  She is going to war with any nation who does not toe the line and enforcing laws upon her citizens that go against the very “rights” that the nation was built upon.

So what role do these two beasts play in the end times?  Well, as Revelation 13 confirms it is the earth beast (America) who created the image of the sea beast and causes the world to worship the image and take the mark of the beast.  So we need to keep an eye on America and the Papacy because they both play the main roles in last day events.

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