The Role of a Prophet

A  Prophet reveals and brings the word of God to the people of God and calls the people to act in response to His message and revelations.

The prophet speaks out word of God to directs, encourage, intercedes, teaches and counsels in accordance with the Lord Scriptures. Prophetic Ministry was established to commence in spreading about God’s prophecy and revelations and Prophets are ordained to challenge any act from false prophets.

A Prophets is being proclaimed and appointed by God successive to his preparation prior he became the man of God. He knows the mind and heart of God and they begun to speaks and share the word of the Lord to people that touches the many lives.

Prophets stood in the council of God to actually see and to hear God’s word before he stand in front of many people to witness what he saw and heard from God. Prophets are instructed to intercede prayer in very ministry as it is the very important actions and way on how the ministry initiate prophetic behavior wherein should be in accordance with God’s commandments.

Prophets has levels of activities in the Prophetic Ministry. For people he gives guidance and corrections. For church he gives guidance, vision, warnings and purity. For nations He gives  advice to rulers, interpretation of God’s law, warning of judgments.

The role of the prophet is simplified as follows:

  1. The prophet should initiate Prayer.
  2. The prophet should receive the word of the Lord
  3. The prophet receives sufferings
  4. The prophet has an important role to worship God
  5. The prophet should be characterized by encouragement
  6. The prophet is accountable in foretelling the future
  7. The prophet is accountable to direct and guide people of God
  8. The prophets has to interpret dreams and visions
  9. The prophets corrects and admonishes
  10. The prophet exposing rotten leadership              
  11. The prophet announcing judgment
  12. The prophets  gives warning of danger
  13. The prophets interpreting the signs of the times
  14. The prophets reveal the meaning of history.
  15. The prophets do the testing of Prophecy
  16. The prophet is the Watchman
  17. The prophet is the one challenging the nation
  18. The prophets initiating God’s action
  19. The prophets explaining what must be done
  20. Prophet is healing the sick people
  21. The prophet is appointing and anointing leaders
  22. The prophet is advising Kings and Political rulers
  23. The prophet is a Historian
  24. The prophets is a guiding angels

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