The amazing Indian Rubber boy who can rotate his hands and legs at 360 degrees

Yash Shah, 18, from Surat in India can rotate his hands and legs at 360 degrees, and fingers and neck at 180 degrees. 

He explained: “I can rotate my neck up to 180 degrees, I can dislocate both of my hands and also I can also dislocate my legs. I can rotate my fingers up to 180 degrees.” 

Nicknamed the Rubber Boy in his village, Yash can even squeeze his body through a tennis racket.

He said: “My body is so flexible that I can pass through a racket and a commode seat. It was difficult in the beginning but now it’s not a big deal for me.”

His mother Kamini Shah, believes that Yash’s flexibility is a gift from God. 

She said: “Yash is different from other kids. He can turn his body in any direction unlike others. It’s obviously a gift from God.” 

Yash was inspired to practice this rubber-limbed skills by watching famous American contortionist Daniel Browning Smith. 

He said: “I watched Daniel Browning Smith on YouTube some years before and got inspired. From that day I started following him.

“I have been doing this for last three years.”

Yash also credits his skills to his grandfather, Ramlal Kanyalal, who helps him during practice.

 Yash said: “Whenever I need help, my grandfather comes to me. He always helps me during the practice.

“He is like a coach for me. I am learning the contour techniques from YouTube but he makes sure that I do all of the acts.”

The unique bendy techniques has never caused any harm to Yash. 

He said: “I know how to control my body and protect myself from any injury.

“I did visit an orthopaedic doctor. He said, ‘The flexibility inside your body is very unique and found in few people.'”

His parents are amazed by his bendy skills and are now looking for a coach who can train Yash.

Mrs Shah said: “I went to every yoga and gym trainer in Surat but they said Yash knows all the techniques. I am planning to take him to some other place so that he can hone his skills.”

Happy with his flexible body, Yash has become a celebrity in his hometown, but now has his eyes on greater fame.

He said: “I am glad that people in my village respect me for having a flexible body.

“I am practising and in future my plan is to get a Guinness World Record.”

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