Shocking new app allows customers to rent second-hand ’warmed up’ sex dolls

The app, called “Shared Girlfriend”, can be used by customers to customise the dolls they want before renting them out for a few nights.

Customers can have the dolls delivered to their homes and can reportedly even choose them to be “warmed up” before they arrive.

Once customers are done with the dolls other people can use the app to borrow the same sex toys.

They can also choose from a range of outfits and hairstyles, as well as extras such as whips and handcuffs.

To rent a doll you will have to fork out £35 for the night and £147 for a full week, on top of a £911 refundable deposit.

When the app was launched in a showcase yesterday, dolls dressed as a sailor, nurse and Wonder Woman were on display.

The sex toys are made to look and feel as realistic as possible and are even programmed with voices so they can respond to being touched.

The doll delivery service is currently being trialled in Beijing, but Touch are keen to roll out their app nationwide.

Describing their new app, the manufacturer said: “With one touch of a key, you are no longer single!”

Speaking of the new app, manufacturer Touch said: “With one touch of a key, you are no longer single!”

The firm added: “It can address all the needs of single geeks.”

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