SHOCK CLAIM: Venus is a SECRET BASE for aliens and NASA, documentary says

Photos appear to show structures on the barren surface of the second rock from the Sun, indicating an intelligent presence.

NASA falls the world that Venus is unimaginably hot and windy, making it inhospitable.

But the film, compiled using images released by both NASA and a Japanese space probe, reveals perfectly rectangular structures.

The narrator said: “There’s always been an eerie blackout when it comes to Venus. You don’t hear a lot about it. It’s a planet that I believe is shrouded in secrecy for a reason.

“According to NASA, Venus is a fiery planet with an extremely hot surface. It may have been like Earth once but it’s suffering from a runaway greenhouse gas effect.

“But there appears to be a part of it that’s liveable. Where biological entities could be living. There are some structures there.

“Venus has a lot of white craters that seem to have a lot of structures in them. I believe it’s a base. Nature doesn’t create symmetrical shapes, but this is a perfect shape.

“It’s raised up off the ground.

“These bases with square structures show evidence of intelligent design.”

Because the giant planet is believed to have once had the conditions to support life, it is thought some of the structures may have been left over from past existences. 

Due to the media blackout surrounding Venus, it is also seen as a potentially perfect location for secret bases.

The voiceover states: “If I was going to put a secret base I would pick the one that’s the least visited and talked about where I could have a base and do it in secret.

“I think there is a rich history behind Venus. These finds need to be looked into further.”

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