SHOCK CLAIM: Three UFOs made circles in field of rapeseed as they ANALYSED CROPS

Video of the crop circles found in the field of rapeseed in Tarlton, Gloucestershire, yesterday has been uploaded to YouTube.

The clip has been seized upon by UFO investigator Scott C Waring, who runs website

He claimed that there were three UFOs involved – a main craft and two smaller orbs.

He wrote on his website: “This crop formation was found this week and has some marks in the field that I believe were made by a space ship landing in it to analyse the genetic make up of the crop.

“Also we see two orb smaller ships that move with it. 

“Have you ever seen a glowing orb in the sky, then noticed on film it looked like it has a spinning moon orbiting it every second or two? 

“Well, these marks are from those smaller orbs.”

Crop circles have long been alleged to be caused by alien visitations.

However, Mr Waring is known for making statements of fact in connection with alleged UFO evidence based on his own speculation.

There is nothing in the video uploaded to YouTube by the channel Mr Gyro, which features many crop circles and other scenes filmed from the air by cameras on drones, to suggest a connection to aliens.

Crop circles, which often appear in the south west of England, were exposed as elaborate hoaxes during the 1990s when many pranksters came forward to show how they made the often intricate designs using wooden planks.

Despite this exposure, some alien chasers still believe they are left as signs by aliens or are even the landing marks of a UFO.

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