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Uses: Cigarette Case, Business Card Holder, Wallet, ID Case, Credit Card Holder. Size: 3.75″ tall by 3.25″ inches wide by 5/8″ deep. Color: Black. Material: Lightweight but durable metal. Condition: Brand new. Operation: Push button to open & has catches to keep your items in place. Holds: 10 rows of regular-sized cigarettes on each side (20 total). Holds: Loose items such as driver’s license, student id, credit cards, cash, etc. This case can be used as a cigarette case, wallet, business card holder, ID holder, or credit card case. This is a great item to carry around when going out, and you want to just bring the essentials! This cigarette case or ID wallet makes a perfect, affordable gift for teachers, loved ones, birthdays, weddings, holidays, anniversaries, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, friends, extended family, and of course, a little something special for yourself! Also makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer! Ships directly from the USA.metal
Holds 20 regular size cigarettes
Can be used as a wallet
stocking stuffer

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