Sexy Girlfriend Broke Down Watching Her Boyfriend Cheating With A Fat Girl

When it comes to infidelity, it is seldom a simple affair. The truth is that cheaters rarely get caught “red-handed creeping on the girl next door” because most of them, Shaggy excluded, are pretty good at covering their tracks.

There are a lot of factors why people cheat and being unfaithful to their partners. One of these is the other person is more good looking, sexy and hot compared to their current partners.

But this man has a skinny girlfriend and caught cheating with a fat girl!

In a Youtube channel called “To Catch a Cheater”, provides aid to a person who wants to know if their partner is loyal to them.

This unnamed girl asks for help to “To Catch a Cheater”, uses a hidden camera to test her boyfriend’s loyalty after sending another woman to chat him up.

According to Daily Mail, the footage starts with a young woman approaching her boyfriend who was named ‘Steve’ and asks to join him.

Steve asks her what meat she likes in her pasta to which she boldly replies “I like the sausage”. He then goes on to compliment her dress she asks if he smokes weed and much to his girlfriend’s surprise he says yes. The honey trapper, a woman employed to flirt with another woman’s partner, then invites him back to her apartment to ‘smoke’ sometime.

Steve then asks for the girl’s number and also asks her about what her job is. To which the girl answered “mystery shopping and phone sex.” She offers him a free sample of her work and says: “Hey Steve, how’re you? I really need you to stick it in Steve – your credit card, that is.”

They exchange numbers and the young woman suggests that maybe they can ‘have phone sex without the phone.’

Little did Steve know that all that he is doing is being watched by his girlfriend. The real girlfriend now looks distressed and tearful. Much more when Steve denied having a girlfriend.

Before they part ways, the paid woman plants a kiss on Steve’s lips.

His shocked girlfriend then announces to the To Catch a Cheater presenter that she ‘obviously’ wants to break up with him now. She immediately calls him and said that their relationship is now over. To which, the shameless Steve even replied, “Okay… that’s fine”.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Danified

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