‘Sellotape selfies’ – or sellofies! – go viral: Now people are wrapping faces in clear tape until they resemble grotesque ogres

Jim Carrey in a scene from the film Yes Man which Lizzy Durley found so funny it inspired her to bring the idea to life

Brighton University student Lizzie Durley, 21, launched craze on Facebook
She was inspired by a scene in Yes Man, where Jim Carrey tapes his face
A large number of fans within the UK have shared their particular ‘Sellotape selfies’

Another day, yet another selfie craze, though we certainly hope this one will not stick around for long.
‘Selloptape selfies’ are popping up around Facebook, where thousands of folks have been wrapping clear tape around their face to create themselves appear to be grotesque ogres.
They then upload their bizarre picture to Facebook and nominate a pal to be a part of the challenge aswell.

A man, pictured here, joins in the 'Sellotape Selfie' craze. Brighton University student Lizzy Durley, 21, launched the idea on Facebook, expecting around 3,000 followers by the end of the day, but got 50,000 in five hours
It was dreamed up by Lizzie Durley, 21, who’s studying international event management at Brighton University.
‘I got the theory from Jim Carrey’s office scene in Yes Man, ‘ she says.
‘I was having a bad day and remembered that scene from the film which really tickled me.
‘I figured people were getting bored of the whole ‘selfie’ craze – I know I was.
‘So I just applied the concepts of the selfie to the idea and it led to Sellotape selfies! ‘
Miss Durley presented the idea to her friends who shared it on line.
Before she knew it, it was on multilple web sites.
‘It grew so quickly, ‘ she says.
‘The concept does apply to literally anyone, every one can interact, there’s no threat of offence, and folks just want to have a giggle.

A man, pictured here, tapes his iPhone to his face as part of the 'Sellotape Selfie' trend which has gone viral and encouraged thousands of Facebook users to wrap their faces in tape and share the photos It's not just men! One woman tapes her face as part of the 'Sellotape selfie' trend which has gone viral in just a matter of days
‘So it blew up on Facebook. ‘
Miss Durley says her ‘goal’ was 3, 000 followers on the Facebook page.

‘I thought even that was adventurous, ‘ she says.
‘But five hours later it had been on about 18, 000 and by the evening, at which point we couldn’t really believe how popular it was, it absolutely was at 50, 000. ‘
Miss Durley is now being bombarded with pictures from around the united states of fans’ own Sellotape selfies.
She said: ‘Last night (Wednesday) I couldn’t move from my laptop because the page was just going crazy and I had to maintain with everything!
‘I am receiving multiple entries by the second which is a task to steadfastly keep up with. It really is all very overwhelming. ‘

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