Richard Gutierrez Speaks Out Regarding Comments About His Son Zion

Recently, Richard Gutierrez gets furious over a certain person who tries to hurt his family. It is really a fiery mode when trying to test the “Supremo” in real life and have a taste of his wrath. When it comes to protecting his son, Zion, the lead antagonist of “La Luna Sangre” of the hit Kapamilya TV fantasy series.

The said online incident became viral following the photo of Richard and his son playing outside of a beach resort which is uploaded by the Kapamilya artist, Sarah Labahti, Richard’s wife.

Richard was seen passionately guiding his son, Zion on how to punch regarding on what’s depicted on the photo. An Instagram user (@shairacarduza) shared her blatant opinion on the post where she accuses Zion of showing signs of being gay.

The Instagram user wrote her mean comment: “ay nako bakla yata tong batang to hahaha.”

According to Infactbuzz, Richard responded without holding bars when it comes to his family. He didn’t restrict his actions regarding on the incident with her mean comment, unlike other celebrities that only keep silent with their bashers. The Kapamilya actor replied with a furious comment, “Go fuck yourself bitch!!!,” with the photo posted by the Instagram user.

Unlike any other celebrities, the actor got back at her by doing the same thing she did to Sarah’s post.

The couple has been together for such a long time since 2012 where they got engaged in Switzerland and promised to love each other for the rest of their lives. It is known that Richard Gutierrez proposed marriage to Sarah Labahti last July 31, 2017.

Source: InFactBuzz

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