Remember Maui Taylor? Here is Her Life Now After She Left Her Showbiz Career

After being hailed as one of the sexiest icons in the Philippines show business, Maui Taylor had become quite a sensational TV personality in the early 2000’s. She became famous by being cast as the leading lady in the movie films titled “Gamitan” and “Sex Drive.”

Now, she focuses her time with her kids and lied low on her showbiz career. She also stated that she is no longer interested in going back in taking sexy and daring roles if ever she would return to her previous career.

On November 22, 2013, Maui Taylor gave birth to her firstborn from her non-showbiz partner Anton Miguel. She stated that she wants to give her full attention to being a parent. At the age of 32, she discovered that being a parent and doing her role as a happy mother towards her child is truly a blessing. She also plans to conceive another baby after some time of recovery and rest if God would still bless them an opportunity to have more babies.

But seeing that she missed her showbiz career, she stated that she wants to come back on acting but not on having sexy roles despite thousands of fans expect it from her.

She wants to become a good role model for her son and sets a priority to provide a better life for him than anything else. She stated that leaving her career as an actress made her less busy and had more time on becoming a full-time mom. She wants to be back in the spotlight and willing to accept any projects on the local showbiz scene.

She desires to try out more challenging roles in acting such as having roles in being a mother where she could relate on. Her partner also supports her idea of returning to showbiz as long as she is comfortable with the role she was given with.

Although she had parted with her previous group named “Viva Hot Babes,” she still keeps in touch with her former friends. She admits that she enjoyed having a great time with her friends especially Katya Santos and Andrea Del Rosario.

Now, she spends most of her time in her hobby in cooking. She stated that she is always thrilled in cooking delicious food for her husband and children. It gave her a unique feeling of satisfaction and happiness if she cooks for her family.

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