Prophetic word concerning an end-time financial anointing‏

Over the past couple of months, God has given me specific insight and instructions concerning an end-time financial anointing that He is releasing upon the Church in these last days. One of the biggest yokes of bondage in the Body of Christ is the bondage of debt, as Satan tries to prohibit the word from growing into manifestation so that we lose insight into what God has done, and what He is going to do. This will either be a time of great sorrow or great joy, and it’s our choice.

Just as the Lord spoke to Elijah, giving him specific instructions and direction concerning the 3 year famine upon the nation of Israel and its surrounding borders (1 Kings 17) , so will God give us provision and supernatural power in this end-time event. We as Christians need to HOLD ON TO THE WORD! Instead of fixing our eyes on the immensity of our problems and man’s limited resources, we need to fix our eyes on God and what He can provide.

The prophecy below is concerning the financial crisis:

“We will experience a worldwide economic upheaval resulting in the collapse of our monetary system. This economic crash will come suddenly, sending shockwaves throughout the world. It will be the opening of the establishment of a new one-world monetary system under a new one-world government.

When this worldwide economic disaster hits, it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. The world will be thrown into a state of shock. Panic and fear will grip the hearts of the people everywhere. They will be confused, not knowing what to do or where to go.

During this time, the people of God will be clearly distinguished from the world by God’s supernatural provision in their lives. It will not be the absence of problems and adversity among God’s people that will be a witness to the world, but in the midst of this financial crisis the world will see God’s strong arm of provision for His people.”

God has given us a powerful key that will enable us to face every financial problem, every circumstance and every crisis that Satan throws at us with a total absence of fear and worry.

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