Prophetic Proclamation without any authorization – 2011 the year of disgrace

Prophetic Proclamation without any authorization – 2011 the year of disgrace.

Written by Joseph Ho, 29th November 2010

This topic has been a very sensitive issue for most prophetic people who are ordained by the Lord God to speak a word in season and to refresh the weary. I have stressed many times that biblical knowledge of scripture cannot replaced knowing in the Spirit. The words in the bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit and God himself. Although not all of the bible words are God’s words, some are historical recordings of events and happenings by men of old who are prone to error since it was not possible to check facts like today with internet and emails. So men do their best by memory and through word of mouth communication, however, they have good intentions to record the events as they deemed to be the truth. The truth is that not all the bible writings are perfect without errors, this is a fact and God has shown me this truth.

The bible says when the perfect comes the imperfect will disappear, well the bible is the imperfect and only Jesus himself is perfect, so when he comes again the bible will not be required and the prophecy will be fulfilled. Many mistaken the bible to be perfect and the prophets and the laws of old to be the imperfect, well God has shown me this truth and I will proclaim this as a truth to honor the Lord Jesus and God the father.

Whenever someone errs Christians mostly fall into the category of immediately wanting to correct the person whom they think is wrong. I have had my fair share of being persecuted by self righteous Christians who think they know the truth and who are mostly very well verse in scripture and bible studies. I am not saying that studying the bible is of no use, since I read avidly a wide range of Christian books by various professing bible teachers. What I am saying is that biblical knowledge without the Spirit guidance is very dangerous. To indicate the serious tone of my writing, I can share that I owned one of the third largest bookstore in our country for a period of close to 3 years.

Here is my experience and I will share certain short excerpt of my encounter:

  1. I encounter preachers who prophesy and quoted scripture to me which were not found in the bible. And usually such preachers are fond of quoting a large volume of scripture verses. This kind of preachers come from the bible words only denomination, they would not dare to quote you anything which is normal words but only bible verses to be theologically correct. One time a preacher of this kind quoted me Psalm 23:7. As you know Psalm 23 only has 6 verses, so how can he be in the Spirit of Prophecy. He is prophesying from the delusion of his mind.
  2. I also encounter the preachers who only prophesy good news. Such prophetic people do not dare to prophesy the truth for they fear that they will lose attendance of church goers and consequently their offerings during collection. These prophets will always prophesy good news, like God will help you, be still and wait upon the Lord or the battle belongs to God, or God will send you help since he is Jehovah Jireh and so on. This kind of prophecy can cause damage and even result in disappointment when the help doesn’t come.
  3. Then there were the preachers who always preached condemnation to those who don’t do this and that. No good news was found in such preachers, they constantly share the “bad news” and they love to pronounce judgment upon the already down trodden and weary. As those who already are practicing Christians will know, it’s not easy to be Holy through our own effort. Holy will mean sinless behavior, like a goody two shoes kind of person, pure, gentle, gracious, kind, tolerance, and always sacrificing.
  4. Then, there are the fanatics who don’t belong to any church organization but think they have been chosen and ordained by God and goes around giving words which are their own. These freelance, maverick, crazy bastards, yes, I call them bastards spread blasphemy against the will of God by giving word which seem good and biblical but not the truth and so not in the season and time. This kind cause tremendous damage and shipwrecks to those who receive the lie and not the word of God. Scripturally correct word may mislead you when it is not in season.
  5. Finally, there are the true prophets of God, the real ones whom many will despise, ridicule and even go against because these are the ones who prophesy the truth, which may be good news, rebuke, bad news and even judgment and sometimes God’s will which is against the desire of the people who received the prophesy.

Here, we have to be very cautious in defining the real prophets; because sometimes God will use anyone to give his word to his sheep. These prophetic words come from simple people whom God will move and use. Like Amos who was a shepherd until God decided to send him to proclaim his prophecy over certain people for a season. This is what I would identify as a move of the Spirit. These people only move in a certain season, which is a specific time and place, they don’t always prophesy since they were not called to be a full time prophet and subsequently they don’t have an office as a prophet.

Can true prophets be wrong sometimes? Yes, they can and certainly will, I have witness such case when the matter at hand is also close to the prophet’s heart such that he could not prophesy objectively. Prophets should be people of neutral feelings and emotions to the matter which requires petitioning of God. Prophets can intercede for those in need, however, when a judgment of God has been issued, there is no taking back at all, for the word will go forth and not return void, unless God himself recall his will. Seldom such recall occurs unless the person is truly repentant and can humble himself instantly like David and King Hezekiah.

Therefore, I always caution against taking a one man’s opinion or proclamation and acting on it without qualification like testing the spirit. In the case of King Ahab who by nature was an evil man who listens constantly to his wife Jezebel and do evil, God will send him a lying spirit to destroy him. For such a matter, God sends a delusion that causes desolation and destruction. So God does not always send “good news” prophecy, he also sends rebuke and punishment through his word. He is totally different than what those prosperity gospel preachers are proclaiming. God is God not of the old and new testaments; he is constant and changes not.

Just to share how I was disciplined by God personally, here is my story. One time in the year 2002, I received word from the Lord, the word came to me through the bible, and everywhere I read was the word “plague is coming to your home land and many will die”. The next word in the same year was that “judgment will begin in the house of the Lord”. Then out of curiosity, I checked the story of David, the plague that destroyed his army and how many will die. I was just too worried and also over zealous for the Lord and proclaimed that some 100,000 will die.

Then after a few days, I was myself struck with a jaw pain, this pain was a tremendous acute pain which causes me to not be able to chew any solid food. It lasted one whole month and I had to drink porridge the entire duration of my chastisement. Then the word of the Lord came to me again and told me he had punished me with justice, so I checked my heart and found that the 3rd word which I had given did not come from the Lord. God had not decreed 100,000 people will die, that was my own word.

Prophets who go about prophesying without any consequence from the Lord are not true prophets and they will give out a word because someone asked them. Now I would not give any word even if I am given them because I need to be careful and confirm that the word is from the Lord, and so I prevent myself from been punished for giving the wrong word to anyone. This is what we called the fear of the Lord.

Another time, I was in a prophetic meeting for businessmen and a pastor came with one of his student. While the evangelist was prophesying over this pastor, the pastor faked the slain for some reasons. I got a message from the Lord to kick this pastor in the butt and to shout at him calling him a “hypocrite and to get up or the Lord will punish him for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” I did not dare to do that because this pastor was a guest of my friend. And since I had gone to Church and learnt all the goodie two shoes mentality to treat everyone nice and gentle; why would anyone obey the Holy Spirit to do such a thing “strange” thing? Not me, I am a Christian.

The next day the Lord really showed me he was the one who told me to kick the pastor, as the next day, my friend called me and told me his pastor had confessed that he faked the slain in the spirit experience just to ward off the evangelist’s false prophecy. Imagine what is going on in the church community today, when pastor faked slain and acted dishonorable in front of the altar of God while evangelist prophesy nonsense and errors from the delusion of their minds. People of God, when God sends a prophecy he will certainly cause it to come to pass, it will take time as God don’t always tell us when, but he says it shall surely come to past. And if God is certain about the thing which he wills over your life, he is more than able to cause it to come to pass, so we need not worry. If it is of God it will happen according to his word, if it is not of God the word will fall to the ground.

Therefore, I am writing to inform the general Christian community that we should not take any prophecy from anyone without some checking in the spirit. We need some confirmation, and to ask the Lord for a confirmation would not be too difficult and too hard. Don’t rush to do something until you get this confirmation. Confirming if the Lord is the one who speaks to you through the prophecy is not difficult. It takes one extra prayer and a little patience to wait else you would be committing many errors by following strange voices who speak from a deluded mind and a covetous heart.

What is the most difficult thing to follow when we get the prophecy?

The most difficult time will come when God tells to do the thing which is against our own desire. A simple example would be if you asked God whether that handsome, kind man will be your husband and God said no, now that would be a hard thing to do. Then you decide that this may not be correct so you go and seek another prophet until you find one that prophesy God will fulfill the desire of your heart.  When we come to God, we have to remain neutral and follow the will of God otherwise you may getting into one bad relationship which God will allow you so that you will know what it is like to follow after the evil desires of our own heart. Handsome kind man may not be the best one for you, for hidden sins are many, even famous pastors also have dark hidden secrets such are things which only the Lord God knows and our own mind cannot comprehend.

The other thing which I am writing is to also remind you all that when we judge a matter from our own understanding and that which is from the Spirit of God, the matter will always almost come true when it’s from the Spirit and not from the mind. We are constantly reminded not to lean unto our own understanding but in all matters to seek the wisdom of God which surpasses all understanding. I remember telling one of our society people that a certain church which he is attending has a pastor who is not completely cleared of his past sin I would not want to describe his past sin, but the spirit told me that such was the case, however, this member rebuked me and say we should give everyone a chance, again the goodie two shoes mentality.

Now this seemed like a fair statement, but this is not the truth. I was speaking in the Spirit because I had not met this pastor at all nor had I attended his church, but I knew from the Spirit of God that this was the case. While the guy who thinks the pastor had repented was speaking from his own human understanding and also trying to be a forgiving person as mentioned in the bible. Who can blame such a kind soul, but the end result is disappointment for he had used his own understanding instead of spiritual wisdom. However, several months later, it proved that I had spoken the truth, and the church pastor’s problem surfaced. And the strangest thing is that God send someone to tell me this had happened without my own effort to seek the truth. God will tell his servant the truth and what is to come.

During that time when I spoke about this matter, I had discharged the word of God without prejudice But truth would have me speak the same thing over without fear. So what does a prophet gain in the end, nothing but pure persecution. No one would come back to thank the prophet nor bless him for his truth, and I mean it all, no one. The prophets will get scolded and even criticized but they get no praise nor honor nor comfort. When a person found that the prophet has spoken the truth, they will not go back to that prophet to tell him he is right, they will just try to hide the truth ashamed that they were wrong, mostly the ego and self has not died, they were themselves the good old fashioned man of their own imaginations, unchangeable even when they claimed they were born again.

The truth is not present in them, they think they are transformed but the truth shows they were not transformed, because true sheep hears the voice of God and they know the truth, they shall not follow the lie. Jesus testifies to the Truth and his kingdom is about the truth and the truth only; for those who listen to truth follows him. For the Spirit of Prophecy is the Spirit of Christ.

 John 4:23
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.

John 4:24
God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

John 14:17
the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you.

John 16:13
But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

1 John 4:6
We are from God, and whoever knows God listens to us; but whoever is not from God does not listen to us. This is how we recognize the Spirit of truth and the spirit of falsehood.

1 John 5:6
This is the one who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.

Little wonder why the true prophets follow the way of Jonah; most people don’t like the truth because it’s not what they desire. Yet many profess to be self elected prophets, how silly are these people who want to prophesy for God, but don’t know that when God chastise; the punishment is real and hurting.

And yet we say Jesus already paid the price, what does this really mean?

Does it mean that Jesus no longer requires us to be punished or disciplined for our mistakes?

Truly, I say unto you, God is not mocked, whatever a man sowed that shall he reap, God is not a respecter of any person, rich or poor, wise nor foolish, sons nor sheep, they all get disciplined by God. The truth is, it does not matter what the pastors preached or say, God will do that which he has purposed and no amount of brainwashing can changed that. God does not need to listen to men, men have to obey and follow the way of the Lord, “for my way is higher than your ways”, says the Lord. After all, the Gospel was written for Jesus Christ and God himself to all mankind and mankind has to constantly seek the counsel of God in order to know his will.

Revelation 19:10
And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Those who prophesy will proclaim the word of God is from the Lord and not from men. Anyone who speaks presumptuously will be punished by God as in the days of Hannaiah when he speaks against the prophet Jeremiah and was judged and condemned to die the same year. God cannot allow his glory to be robbed by anyone.

If the Holy Spirit is not in you or with you, you simply cannot prophesy, and you will not have the truth to speak the word from God, for the season or even for the future. False prophecy cannot come to past, for no one knows the future save God himself. To those who prophesy from the delusion of their minds, this is a warning to stop issuing such confusing words which is not God’s words. The year 2011 is the year of disgrace, and it will come to those who constantly blaspheme the Holy Spirit by claiming He is the one who gave you the words from God. For those who seek to know the will of God and are willing to listen to the truth can go to my website at kingscepter or send me an email to

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