Weird Wolf Lanyard with Keychain Ring and Breakaway (Abstract)


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Lanyards, a necessity in today’s glamorous corporate world. But somehow they never live up to the standards, and more often than not end up in our pockets/clutches. Not anymore. These lanyards are designed keeping you, yes You in mind. Class up your business formals or quirk up your casuals, whatever you decide your work will never be the same. A design to up your style quotient and to take the boring out of the equation. Choose from a wide range of designs to match your personality. Go Ahead, buy one for each day coz now you can work in style, all week long. What’s more, these lanyards carry extra key chain ring too. Make it your all in one Keys/ID card carry around utility. Or if you are a biker use it as a cool ignition add on. Or heck with all use it as a cool key chain. Choce is yours. It always was. Be Weird. Stay Weird.Breakaway Safety Feature
Polished Chrome with Smooth Satin Finish
Includes Key Ring for attaching keys
Length: 20 Inch (Top to bottom)
14 Quirky Designs

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