Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards James Harden Edition 4.25 oz (Pack of 12)


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James Harden can be a bit out there. He has a secret language with friends, makes some bold fashion choices and has Basketball’s most famous beard. Harden is unique to say the least, which makes his latest endorsement partner a perfect fit. Harden has joined forces with Ferrara Candy’s Trolli brand, whose ad tagline since 2013 has been “Weirdly Awesome.” “We are about celebrating the uniqueness in all of us. We are a little offbeat. We are fun,” says Jill Manchester, head of brand strategy at Ferrara. “James embodies the energy and essence of Trolli,” Ferrara has more than a dozen brands, including Atomic FireBall, Brach’s, Lemonhead and Now & Later. It plans to double sales to $2 billion by 2020. It is the company’s first time working with an athlete as a pitchman. The partnership between Harden and Trolli came to fruition when the shooting guard approached Trolli in early 2015 about his love for the candy, telling them he eats it one flavor/color at a time. “It took until 2016 where we could put together a program to leverage the partnership,” says Manchester. Harden will be more than a pitchman for Trolli. He’s also getting involved in product development. The first Harden-inspired flavor is the Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards in the shape of Harden’s face with the beard a different color. The gummi will be available in April. Trolli plans another Harden flavor for the second half of the year. “Trolli’s unique. I’m unique. We both like to push the envelope and be creative,” says Harden in a statement announcing the news. “That’s why we work well together.”Trolli Sour Brite Gummi Weird Beards 4.25 oz
There are about 21 gummi weird beard candies per bag
12 bags per order
These are the James Harden Edition
The basketball star’s beards are both sour and sweet! Bite size gummy pieces

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