MOFIR Mini Travel Garment Steamer & Clothes Steamer 120ml | Portable, Handheld & Lightweight Lint & Wrinkle Remover with Continuous Steaming | For Linen, Shirts, Bedding, Suits, Curtains, & More …


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Kiss Those Clothes Wrinkles Goodbye With An MOFIR Garment Steamer!

Looking for smart and energy efficient ways to upgrade your old electric iron? Search no more! You have just found the coolest and most multipurpose fabric steamer!

If ironing is a chore you really despise, then this fabric steamer kit shouldn’t be missing from your home.

Ideal for office, work, car, travel, hotels, vacations, business trips, and home of course.

Smooth out wrinkles and creases in less than a minute thanks to its powerful steaming technology.

Spend less time ironing and more time looking smoking hot!

Eliminate Wrinkles & Enjoy Spotless Clothes With An MOFIR Fabric Steamer!

Worry about lurking bacteria?

Hate wrinkles on your favorite clothes?

Tired of cheaply made and weak garment steamers?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading.

Sterilize, remove lint and wrinkles and keep your clothes flawless no matter where you go.

Thanks to its small, compact and lightweight design, this steamer fits everywhere you want. In your travel suitcase, backpack, or even tote bag.

Works miracles with clothes hanging vertically or lying flat. Plus, you can use it as a face moisturizer and cleanser.

5 More Reasons Why This Fabric Steamer Is A Keeper:

• Durable travel garment steamer with anti-slip handle and ergonomic steam outlet holes.
• For shirts, suits, pants, table linen, bedding sets, and so many more!
• Double function, double pleasure. Use for clothes and face!
• Hassle free steaming and sterilizing. Fill in the tank, plug, press the on button, and enjoy.
• Remove wrinkles, dust and bacteria. Auto shut off mechanism for protection.

Voltage: 100–120V/50–60Hz
Power: 450W,800W
Water tank capacity: 120ml
Service time: 10–12 minutes
Packaging Weight: 1.4LbsREMOVE WRINKLES ON THE SPOT: Love wearing your favorite clothes but hate wrinkles ruining your sharp image? Worry no more, with this portable garment steamer kit. Remove all wrinkles, eliminate dust particles and make lint disappear once and for all. Now you’ve got an MOFIR clothing steamer by your side!
DISCOVER ITS MANY USES: This multipurpose travel steamer works not only great with clothes but with your precious face as well. Use the low function to moisturize, soften your skin and hydrate your pretty face after a long day at work. The high temperature is perfect for sterilizing clothes and steaming wrinkled garments!
HARSH WITH WRINKLES SOFT WITH CLOTHES: Meticulously designed to satisfy all your needs, this handheld garment steamer will treat your clothes with nothing but respect. No more worries about weird smells, burnt fabrics and water splashing all over the place. It will effortlessly remove wrinkles, dust or bacteria in less than a minute!
STEAM ON THE GO: If you love traveling, work in an office, fed up with ironing and want your clothes to look neat, then this steamer is an absolute must have gadget. Its lightweight and portable nature allows hassle free steaming on the go. Its strong steam will deeply penetrate all fabrics and ensure smooth and flawless performances.
FOR ALL CLOTHES & FABRICS: Since your satisfaction is our top priority, offering 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 1 year warranty. Steam and remove bacteria form shirts, your favorite dress, curtains and drapery, carpets, bed sheets, and more. Safe to use on silk, cotton, polyester, linen, and even woollen fabrics! Fill water reservoir with water ONLY.Using other liquids/chemicals may damage the unit or cause injury

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