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Thunder Ann Beer Soap is handmade at Little Seed Farm using Thunder Ann American Pale Ale from Jackalope Brewery and raw goat’s milk from our dairy herd. The beer itself is brewed to highlight beautiful citrusy American hops. Thunder Ann comes off almost tropical; people will find notes of apricot and mango in addition to the citrus bouquet. To enhance these characteristics, we add organic lemongrass and basil essential oils. You may notice this soap has leaves on it. Why yes it does! These aren’t just any leaves, they are leaves of the magnificent hop plant, which are used during the brewing process to give aroma and bitterness to the very beers you drink. We sprinkle leaves on top of each soap bar, a friendly reminder of where your beer (and your soap!) comes from. Why Beer? Beer is rich in amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Most notably, beer contains B5 – pantothenic acid, which improves texture and luster of both skin and hair. All of our Jackalope Beer soaps are great for shaving and can even be used as shampoo! Beer contributes to an aggressive lather, while goat’s milk adds moisturizing characteristics that will leave you silky smooth. What’s up With the Name? Thunder Ann inherits its moniker from Davy Crockett’s fictional wife, Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett. A women not to be reckoned with, and neither is this soap! Jackalope Brewery is named after a mythical creature, and so are it’s brews! MORE ABOUT YOUR SOAP: Gentle, nourishing, and free of artificial perfumes, dyes, and preservatives, our sustainably crafted Jackalope Soap is perfect for everyday use and safe for those with sensitive skin – little ones included. Ingredients: Jackalope Beer + Little Seed’s Raw Goat’s Milk + Organic Olive and Coconut oils + Organic Essential Oils To reap the maximum moisturizing benefits from your Jackalope Soap, after lathering only rinse until the suds have disappeared. This leaves a silky layer of milky goodness to protect and heal your skin.Made by hand with fresh goat’s milk, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, Cinnamon/Vanilla/Nutmeg Essential Oils, Jackalope’s Thunder Ann Beer, Whole Hop Leaves, sodium hydroxide, and that’s it!.
Crafted with swoon-worthy local beer, lemongrass & basil essential oils, and whole hop leaves, this bar is an indulgence you can enjoy without moderation!
No WEIRD STUFF! No EDTA, or other artificial ingredients or fragrances.
We milk and care for the goats, as well as make the soap. The beer used in this soap was sourced locally from Jackalope Brewery in Nashville, TN
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