Garment Steamer, Houzetek Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer Fast Heat-up Powerful Travel Garment Clothes Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel


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Do you have trouble removing wrinkles from your clothes? This handheld steamer is packed with powerful technology that emits dry steam to remove wrinkles faster than the average iron. 

You can use it to remove wrinkles in clothes, cushions, beds and other fabrics around the house.


1.Only fill the tank with cold water, do not use hot water. Distilled water is recommend

2.Never turn the unit upside down. Your Travel Garment Steamer should never be tilted past a 45-degree angle eapecially when the unit is ON

3.The water tank is travel size in 120ml, please use with transformer when in abroad


Using Newest steam channeling design delivers steam more powerfully and evenly to remove the toughest wrinkles from a multitude of fabrics in drapery, clothing, tableclothes, and much more.

This compact handheld garment steamer is the perfect tool to keep your wardrobe and household fabrics fresh and wrinkle-free. Use daily to easily and quickly revive your clothing.


Easy to handle

Eliminates wrinkles fast

Take it with you wherever you go

For use on clothes and other fabric surfaces

Automatic safety shutoff

Provides 10 minutes of continuous steam on a full tank


1.Unscrew the nozzle head, Fill the tank with water to the desired level. Never surpass the maximum level. When you finish filling, lock the head back on.

2.Turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. The switch light indicates the steamer is on. Steamer will emit steam from nozzle in 2 mins.

3.Your Travel Garment Steamer has a resetting function. When the unite runs out of water, it will reset automatically to ensure your safety while leaving the indicator light ON.

4.When you are finished with your steaming session place the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position and remove the plug from the outlet.

FAST-HEAT STEAMER WITH SUPERIOR DESIGN: Fast-heating hand-held steamer, heats up in only 2 minutes to save your time. 120ml perfect ironing capacity, producing up to 8 minutes of continuous potent steam output for perfectly neat wrinkle-free clothes at home, on your journeys, or business trips to be flawless for any occasion.
NEW ALL-AROUND SAFETY AND AUTO SHUT-OFF FUNCTION: Features an innovative AUTO PROTECTION function, which will automatically cut power off when the unit overheats or when the tank runs out of water to ensure ultimate protection against accidental burns.
ANTI-DRIP TECHNOLOGY, HARSH WITH WRINKLES SOFT WITH CLOTHES: The steamer is created to take care of your clothes. Its new anti-drip anti-leakage technology avoids any kind of water dripping from the steamer head. No more worries about wet clothes, weird smells, burnt fabrics and water splashing all over the place. It will effortlessly remove wrinkles, dust or bacteria in less than a minute.
TRAVEL-SIZE PORTABLE HAND-HELD STEAMER: Lightweight, ergonomic, portable, with a travel-friendly compact design: space-saving at home or on travels. Besides, the steamer head can easily be unloaded making it fit in even in the smaller suitcase!
MULTI-PURPOSE FABRIC STEAMER: Easy to use, perfect for all materials and fabrics. Ideal for clothes ironing, cleaning, sterilization and humidification, becoming a reliable versatile cloth care accessory for fast, spotless results! Try it on polyester, cotton, wool, lace and more.

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