Bath Sponge Loofahs Shower Mesh Pouf Ball & Long Back Scrubber(32 Inches) set | Exfoliates,Deep Clean & Scrub for Body | 4-pack (50g/pcs)- Red,Green,Blue,Purple


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Why Choose our loofah?

Its luxurious gentle material has exfoliating power to remove dead skin cells, remove excess oil and when combine with your favourite shower soap, it creates a gentle rich lather to soothe and cleanse your skin! And it comes with a 3×32 in. long back scrubber that is great for hard to reach areas.The scrubber is made of natural, bio-degradable odor- free cotton and double sided ; the loofah side provides a textured surface that exfoliates and cleanses your skin well and if you  flip over to the smoother surface, it gives your skin a silky finish by polishing it softly.

How to use?

Wet your body in the shower, then apply your favourite shower soap and rubbed to create a rich lather. Lastly, Massage it gently over your body and enjoy the experience!

Caution and warning

Let your loofah air dry between uses to avoid harbouring harmful bacterias and it is recommended to replace them every 3 months.Be careful of bath foam getting into your eyes, if so, immediately wash your eyes with water.


Material:Loofah-Polyethylene (PE)/Back scrubber-Cotton

Color:Loofah-Pink,Green,Blue,Red,Purple,Yellow/Back Scrubber-Beige

Qty.:4 Pack + 1 back scrubber

Weight:Loofah- 4x 50g/back scrubber-64g

Size:Loofah-4.7 inches in width/back scrubber-3×32 inches

So start today, love the skin that you are in and award it with a luxurious treatment using our high quality premium Loofah and back scrubber set.

Soon, your skin will feel like it has aged backward to the time when you were a baby again!

THIS LOOFAH IS DOUBLE LAYERED AND WEIGHS 50G – It is made of rugged, flexible, and durable PE that is ultra soft and delicate, creating a rich lather, which helps in exfoliation, soothing, making your skin look younger and renewed!
OUR MATERIAL IS 100% ECOFRIENDLY AND RECYCLABLE- which give any conscientious consumers a real peace of mind! So don’t worry, if going green is your this year’s resolution!
PACK WITH A LONG BACK SCRUBBER- Tired of contorting your body into awkward positions which makes you look weird while you are washing your back? With this back scrubber, you can clean your back easily without that hassle.
PERFECT MULTIPACK GIFT SET- for friends, families, occasions and basically anyone who wants to enjoy the luxuries of life! This unique bundle of scrubber and loofahs also makes this the perfect bath set that you will only ever need to keep your body clean!
CHOOSE FROM TWO COLOUR COMBINATIONS- One that comes in pink,yellow,blue,purple and the other that comes in red,green,blue,purple. Its colorful feature makes it perfect to help differentiate within any families, couples or group of people!

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