‘Portal to another universe’ OPENS shining light beam to terrified Californians

Some residents were left terrified after they saw the alleged portal open up above them.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by serial conspiracy theorists SecureTeam10, a bright light is seen being shone straight down from the sky.

The narrator, who states he was sent the video on Twitter by a man simply known as Michael, says the people who captured the footage were on their way to Huntington Beach, California, at 5.30 AM when they spotted the light.

The speaker over the video adds that Micael said the footage “looked literally like a portal, opening up in the sky where we had this strange light which appeared and was shining directly down towards the Earth”.

Fanning the flames, the narrator adds: “The source is driving towards the light and you’ll notice that the light never once moves position.

“If it were a plane or something like that, flying at 400 to 600 miles per hour, you can bet you would see some movement but this piece just sat there.

“From the distance that he recorded this, I would think that it would have to be a massive light.

“I’m scratching my head at what could have created this? 

“Is this some sort of portal? Is this some sort of craft up in the clouds that has a light on the bottom of this that not only points straight down towards the Earth but is also powerful enough to cut through these cloudy skies.”

The light can be seen in the sky for about 20 seconds before completely disappearing.

Commenters on the video state that there was some spooky goings on in the region about the time the video was captured – towards the end of February.

One person wrote: “This is too weird, I woke up from a dream seeing something in the sky like a portal, then all of a sudden I was getting sucked into one. This literally happened this morning when I was sleeping. strangely I live in Cali as well”.

Another added: “I live in Huntington Beach and have seen some crazy things around here!”

However, others were not so convinced.

A skeptic said: “The ‘weird light’ over California was a Trident II ballistic missile test, two missiles were launched.”

Another said: “Getting so sick of the use of the word ‘portal’ in every other ufo video lol – it’s pop sci fi terminology at best. This looks simply like a helicopter searchlight shining through low cloud/mist.”

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