Pampa Goodvibes: Lalake na Nakapasa sa kanyang LTO Exam Nagpagawa ng Sariling Tarpaulin na Talagang Kinagiliwan at Ikinatuwa ng Marami

It has been a common thing for schools to put up a tarpaulin announcing their students’ success in passing entrance exams to top most sought-after schools.

It’s like a way of introducing to people that the graduates of their school are well taught and that they can pass entrance exams or board exams.

Not only does the tarpaulins provide a sneak peek at the school’s capability but also it became a means of introduction to society to the students.

It’s a huge help to the new board passers of their chosen field by the Professional Regulatory Commission, the exposure from these tarpaulins could determine their future job and projects. However, one funny guy decided to print a tarpaulin of himself passing the LTO (Land Transportation Office) driving exam!

The LTO driving exam is one of the most important exams that you need to pass in your life.

Although it is optional, no one is forcing you to take it, but a driver’s license is a must if you’d like to be able to drive on the road. Francis Brilliantes, recently went viral as he posted the photo of his tarpaulin on social media.

Not 5 hours had passed, he already earned 22,000 reactions, 3,600 comments, and more than 11, 000 shares. Now that would be something to be proud of.

The LTO driving exam consists of one written exam and one actual driving exam. Now the written exam is a little easier if you’re already familiar with road signs and signals, but the actual practical exam might make you nervous.

Luckily this guy made it, else he wouldn’t have a reason to post a tarpaulin. According to him, “Sa wakas, may naipasa din akong exam sa buong buhay ko! Pwede ko na ‘to ipatarpaulin at ikabit sa city hall.”

His sense of humor is truly admirable. It is truly more fun in the Philippines, ‘cause despite the chaos and problems we face every day, people still find ways to have fun and laugh. Congratulation to you Francis, we can only hope you’d be a better and responsible driver on the road.

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