October 31, 2017

Stay Weird Womens Mens Socks Cotton Socks Custom Printed Sports Socks

Curry J Yasha Is Committed To Providing Excellent Quality Products,fast Shipping And High-touch Customer Service.78% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 2% SpandexSize: Sole: 20CM, Long: 18cm, Fit For […]
October 31, 2017

Someone Is ‘Vandalising’ Streets With Pixel Art, And The Result Is Awesome

Johan Karlgren, also known as Pappas Pärlor, is a Swedish artist who creates interactive street art that makes his surroundings a lot more fun. Johan’s works […]
October 31, 2017

This Bleeding Nose Candle Is The Strangest Thing You’ll Ever See…

If you’re having trouble keeping those pesky Demogorgons away from your precious Eggos, fear no more. This creepy candle ornament will turn your world Upside Down. […]
October 31, 2017

37+ Pumpkins That Will Scare You More Than Anything

Whether you take pumpkin carving seriously or not, the Jack-o’-lantern remains an important part of every Halloween. Although the carving of vegetables has been a common […]
October 31, 2017

PROOF OF AFTERLIFE? Dead woman spoke 'from grave' to police man who tried to save her

Chris Halton, 56, said the late woman, killed on an undisclosed date, spoke to him two months after she was killed to say she was “very […]
October 31, 2017

35+ Times Families Had The Best Costumes, And Proved That Family That Cosplays Together, Stays Together

We’ve witnessed some amazing cosplays before, but nothing can top the efforts of a whole family working together to pull off a single idea. So we […]
October 31, 2017

53+ Epic Parenting Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Parenting Skills

Parenting is not an easy task, those who have done it will know that’s a fact. Despite our best intentions, it can sometimes go a little […]
October 31, 2017

Expanding ‘Glowing Balls’ that Sparked Fear of the ‘Apocalypse’ Turns Out to be Man-Made

Witnesses described the glowing balls as ‘expanding’, similar to those alien portals in movies. A glowing, expanding ball was seen hovering over the skies of Russia […]
October 31, 2017

39-year-old Dad Dies from Meningitis after Doctors Missed a Severe Ear Infection

Know the symptoms of meningitis, and know when to bring a loved one to the hospital. People often brush off simple headaches and muscle pain by […]
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