November 24, 2017

Woman Paints On Her Smoothie Bowls Using Natural Ingredients And The Result Is Too Pretty To Eat

Hazel Zakariya is a New Zealand-based artist creating her paintings using food. She uses smoothies, that she makes from cream, milk, fruits, and berries, as a […]
November 24, 2017

Couple Living 8,000 Miles Apart Keep Meeting Halfway For 3 Years To Take The Same Adorable Picture But Then He Decides To Change Things Up

At first glance, you’d think these are just cutesy travel photos from any normal couple. Until you hear the story behind the photos—a love they fought […]
November 24, 2017

Get Weird And Stay Fresh Workaholics Christmas Socks Gift Bags Gift Bags Christmas Decorations Santa Claus Socks Candy Bags Christmas Gifts Red

Christmas Socks, Gift Bags, Gift Bags, Christmas Decorations, Santa Claus Socks, Candy Bags, Christmas GiftsrnPersonalization Processing Time May Take 3-7 Days.rnLasting Memories With Perfectly Personalized GiftsrnWe […]
November 24, 2017

Romanian Bear Festival

Every year Romanian gypsies dress up in real bear skins and parade through the streets to banish bad and evil spirits. The strange ritual dates back […]
November 24, 2017

ALIEN BLACKOUT? How the US Air Force really was caught out 'covering up UFOs'

Alien truth seekers claim there is conclusive proof of alien visitations, but it is withheld from the public through top-secret classifications amid fears the knowledge would […]
November 17, 2017

NIBIRU DOOM: Nasa and SETI scientists finally break silence about ‘Planet X threat’

The internet has been alive with conspiracy theory claims the Nibiru or Planet X system is heading towards Earth, and will trigger a global apocalypse from […]
November 16, 2017

ZHONGJIAN Cap Merry Christmas Hat Cap Child Weird Head Cute Christmas Reindeer Santa Claus Caps

ZHONGJIAN You Need A Cool Hat! In The ZHONGJIAN,we Offer You The Best Hat,we Are Professional In Hat,our Hat Just Have Two Size For Dad Mom […]
November 16, 2017

28+ Before & After Pics Showing How The World Has Changed Over Time By Re.Photos

We are a group of people who love re-photographies (“before and after”, “then and now”) because of their potential to tell fascinating stories with just two […]
November 16, 2017

Nibiru FOUND? Scientists locate Earth-sized planet Ross 128b just 11 light-years away

The planet, which has been called Ross 128b due to it orbiting the star Ross 128, is the second closest exoplanet – a planet outside of […]
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