November 27, 2017

BLACK PROJECT? Has secret site of grounded TR-3B triangle UFO been found on Google Earth?

Conspiracy theorists are excited after claims a TR-3B has been found on the ground in a remote part of Western Australia. TR-3B is alleged by conspiracy […]
November 27, 2017

Paris Hilton Said She Invented The Selfie, And Twitter Reacted In The Best Way Possible

Did you know that Paris Hilton invented the selfie way back in 2006? No? Well, neither did we, because it’s not true. At all. Still, that […]
November 27, 2017

33+ Times Nathan Fillion Proved To Be The Best Thing On Social Media

3.6 million people follow Nathan Fillion (46) on Twitter, and one of the first questions that pop to mind is “Why?” Well, humor. The actor who […]
November 27, 2017

Pet Owners Are Sharing How Their Pets’ Names Have Evolved Since They Got Them, And It’s Hilarious

Just like when naming a baby, a great deal of care and thought normally goes into choosing what you’ll be yelling at your furry friend for […]
November 27, 2017

“Every Thanksgiving My Little Cousin Challenges Me To Checkers. I’ve Been Documenting Her Defeat For The Past 9 Years”

Every year since 2009, somebody who goes by the name of IdiotSavant has been challenging their little cousin to a game of checkers during the family […]
November 27, 2017

Pair of “The Blob” – World’s Most Addictive Stress Balls

Life stressing you out?!? SQUEEZE THE BLOB! Bored out of your mind?!? SQUEEZE THE BLOB! Just like squeezing stuff?!? SQUEEZE THE BLOB!You will love the blob. […]
November 26, 2017

5 optical illusions that will blow your mind

Here are 5 of the best examples of optical illusions.   Illusion 1# A Bend in the Road Usually when you look at two images that […]
November 26, 2017

Man Injects Oil to Get Strange Looking Arms

21 year old, Kirill Tereshin, from Pyatigorsk, Russia got his strange looking arms by injecting himself with synthol, a popular but hazardous bodybuilding oil. After he […]
November 26, 2017

World’s Biggest Bonfire

Norwegian youths have taken bonfires to the next level by building a bonfire over 47 metres high and setting a world record for their endeavors. Each […]
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