December 18, 2017

Set of 6 Greeting Cards Remember When We Used To Get Our Period? How Weird. I Mean What Was That About?

Inside Reads: Happy Birthday. That’s All. — Paper — 5″ W x 7″HReligious buy now
December 18, 2017

ALIEN minerals from 60million years ago discovered in Scotland in a shock UK first

Geologists uncovered a meteor strike that took place 60million years ago by looking at volcanic rocks on Scotland’s Isle of Sky. Analysts thought they were looking […]
December 17, 2017

Japanese Company Releases ‘Virgin-Killing Sweater’ that Reveals Part of the Breast and Butt

Would you dare use this in public? Japanese fashion usually brings to mind kimono, yukata, or the sailor school uniforms. And for many people around the […]
December 17, 2017

Weird Cat Santa Clause Christmas Gift Bags Drawstring Bag Candy Bag For Children Holiday Wrapping Goodie Bags Party Favors

WHAT YOU CAN GET:1 * Weird Cat Santa Clause Christmas Gift Bags Drawstring Bag Holiday Bag Candy Bag For ChildrenImportedMaterial: Velvet SpongeSize: 15*15Christmas Gift Bag Is […]
December 17, 2017

REVEALED: Mysterious Pentagon footage from secret US investigation into alien encounters

The Pentagon has confirmed that the Department of Defense funded a £16.5million secretive programme investigating the existence of aliens on Earth. The shock revelation has finally […]
December 17, 2017

Weird Magical Owl Fashion Portable Travel Coffee Mug For Home Office School Ice Drink Hot Beverage Cup Insulated Tumbler Water Coffee Cup With Lid

Product Item Dimensions: 5.1 X 2.7 X 2.3 Inches Product Capacity: 250ml/8.5 Ounces Hold Up Your Coffee Tumbler, Cheer For A Better Life.Choose Us, You Deserve […]
December 16, 2017

Siberian Farm Cats Have Absolutely Taken Over This Farmer’s Land, And They’re Absolutely Majestic

Just when you think you’re the craziest cat lady around, someone else goes ahead and one-ups you to the fullest. Russian farmer Alla Lebedeva has turned […]
December 16, 2017

Humans Attempt To Do A Christmas Card Photoshoot With Their Husky, And The Result Is Just Too Funny

We’ve all had the feeling at some stage when try as we might, the Christmas spirit just isn’t coming. This appears to be the case for […]
December 16, 2017

The Weird Family That Don’t Feel Pain

Six members of the Marsili family have the strange medical condition, that is so rare and unique, that doctors have named the condition after them – […]
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