August 11, 2017

I Dressed Models In Sand, Water, Fire, And Wind

We spent 3 days and nights throwing sand and powder, dousing models with water and painting with fire. No Photoshop was used to create the dresses, […]
August 11, 2017

10+ Times People In L.A. Overheard Private Conversations And They Were Too Hilarious Not To Share

We‘ve all been taught that it‘s not polite to listen to somebody else‘s private conversations. But sometimes you just can‘t help it but overhear some of […]
August 11, 2017

NobleWorks Weird Relative Funny 12-Piece Blank Christmas Cards with Envelopes (B1703K)

NobleWorks’ humorous greeting cards have been making people blush since 1980 BC (Before eCards). We offer a huge selection of hilarious Christmas cards to make the […]
August 10, 2017

These Pixelated Sculptures That Look Like Computer Glitches Are Actually Made From Wood

For most of us, pixelated photos are an annoyance. Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han, however, uses them for inspiration in his latest series of stunning wooden […]
August 10, 2017

There Are 16 Circles In This Image, And Most People Can’t Find Them Right Away

Check out the pattern below. What do you see? A bunch of lines and boxes, right? Well believe it or not, there’s actually sixteen circles hiding […]
August 10, 2017

Sex robots will mean NO ONE goes without love in next generation, lecturer predicts

But Helen Sewell, who writes for astrology journals and websites, said robots were advancing “too quickly” and could become a danger. Ms Sewel believes robots will […]
August 10, 2017

Controversial Comic Reveals What You’re Really Saying When You Support Gender Equality, But Not Feminism

Gender equality is the state in which access to rights or opportunities is unaffected by gender. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground […]
August 10, 2017

Americans Were Asked To Find North Korea On A Map And We’re Not Sure If The Result Is Hilarious Or Scary

Tensions between the USA and North Korea are almost at boiling point, and after a week full of not-so-subtle threats from both sides, a CNN-sponsored poll […]
August 10, 2017

This Mom Just Asked To Reschedule Solar Eclipse, And The Internet Can’t Take It

August 21st marks the total solar eclipse of 2017, and America is getting ready for a spectacular view! People are organizing special events and parties to […]
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