Owner Renovate his Newly Bought Vintage 1920's Theather, But Upon Lifting the Floorboards, They Found an Antique Wallet and Was Surprised When He Inspect What's Inside

Have you experience losing something important such as your phone, ballpen, or wallet and purse?. Well, it was indeed a traumatic experience.

When you lost something like your wallet or purse, fear, panic, and anguish quickly set in you as you try to think all the important things that you need to replace which are inside your wallet.

A certain man named Larry Sloan bought a 90-year old theatre in Nevada, Iowa and according to him, he bought it because he loves the history of the theatre. The theatre underwent renovations after Larry bought it and during the said renovation of the theatre, he stumbled upon someone else’s anguish. 

Much to his surprise, he found a piece of lost history, which is a wallet, when the floorboards of the theatre were torn up. According to him, “the Talent Factory was built in the 20’s. So many generations of people that saw their first movie here”. He also added that “It was plastic. So the first thing that came to my mind was this must be a child’s wallet.” and later find out that his assumption is correct.

Larry was so curious about how old the wallet was and when he opened it, he was surprised to see a 1944 pocket calendar inside it, which means the wallet is 70 years old. 

Upon further inspection of the things inside, the wallet revealed its original owner, and that is Clare McIntosh. Larry also found inside the wallet a Boy Scout card, a WWII ration stamps of McIntosh and a handwritten I.D with McIntosh telephone number at the time as “8”.

The telephone number of McIntosh was just a single digit, and if “8” was the local number that time, it means phone book in the year 1940’s must’ve been a lot smaller.

To track down the mysterious owner of the wallet, Larry used his investigative experience as he worked as an investigator before he bought the Talent Factory.

His investigative experience paid off as he was able to locate the now 86-year-old Claire McIntosh and he phoned Claire to inform him he found his lost wallet from 1944. At first, McIntosh thought Larry was just fooling around as he said to him that he hadn’t lost his wallet, but he soon realized that Larry was serious.

To be able to collect his long-lost wallet, McIntosh drove down from Iowa, in the area surrounding Des Moines, to the Talent Factory. He was surprised to see the said wallet which he forgot that he even lost. According to him, “he’s going to cherish his newly found wallet and the memories it contains”.

Kudos to you Mr. Larry and congratulations McIntosh for reuniting with your lost wallet for 70 years.

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