OFW Wife Discovered That Her Husband Spent Her Hard-Earned Savings Of P500,000 To His Mistress

This OFW wife found out that her husband spent all her hard-earned money to his mistress.

Working abroad as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is both fulfilling and a sacrifice; fulfilling in a sense that you will be able to provide the needs of your loved ones back home yet a sacrifice as you need to suffer being miles away from them.

It is such a happiness to every OFW to send their loved one with money, along with Balikbayan Box filled with their sweat and hard work. On the other hand, it is a heartbreaking news for OFWs if they learned that all the money they send were put to waster and worst, they were betrayed by the person they have entrusted their money and family with.

An OFW shared her unfortunate experience under the hands of her own husband to “Cagayano Vines”.

According Alma (not her real name), a native of Appari, Cagayan, she started working as OFW in Bahrain in 2008 where she is earning enough to give her family back home a decent life and be able to send her children to school.

Throughout the 9 years of being an OFW, she entrusted all her money and savings to her husband who also serves as the main guardian of her kids. Just like any other OFW, she would regularly send money back home on a monthly basis to sustain the needs of her family. She is also tracking all her remittance sent directly to her husband’s bank account so Alma is aware of the amount of money she already saved.

But one day, she received a call from her daughter asking for money and it has been 6 months since she last sent a money, confused as she is regularly remitting allowances to her husband’s account, Alma called her husband but the latter denied the allegation.

Weeks after, one of their neighbors told her that her husband has an affair with a girl named Juliet who happened to be her longtime friend. She discovered that the reason why her children are not getting enough allowances because her husband is spending it with his mistress.

On top of that, all her savings in her husband’s bank account were also wasted on the mistress’ leisure. Devastated, Alma decided to give her remittance to her sister instead so that she can manage the money and give it directly to Alma’s children.

Alma admitted that she wanted to split up with her husband but afraid to raise her children without a father. Now she is seeking for advice as she plans to go back in the country by next year.

What do you think is the best thing Alma should do? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: UrDailyJournal

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