OFW na Dating Janitor Ngayon ay Isang Big Time na Personalidad na Dahil sa Kanyang 'Adobong Mani'

Life can be really challenging, and you just can’t help but to wish that one day, you’d become a millionaire. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen like how we imagine it. Hard work is the real recipe for success. 

Most Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) aspire to be rich that’s why they leave the country and work there to be able to support their families back home. But due to other country’s high-cost living, these OFW’s doesn’t have much money to spare. 

So most of them do sidelines and exert more effort to be able to earn more. One of the success stories of an OFW remains to be an inspiration because it is also a story of hard work and perseverance abroad.

Born and raised in Oriental Mindoro, Eman decided to move to Manila to work. Together with his wife, Emmanuel Rabulan used to sell fruits in Fairview. 

They earn a maximum of ₱ 10,000 a day, depending on the season of fruits available. If you’d think about it, it’s roughly enough to raise a family with four children. But as they grow up, there are school fees and other expenses to be covered. 

So when an opportunity came that he will be able to work in Italy, he and his wife decided to risk it all, so they sold the minivan they use to sell fruits to be able to pay for his papers to Italy. 

Sadly, he was scammed. The person they trusted to arrange his papers was an illegal recruiter. This devastated the couple, all their hard-earned money gone. 

But Eman did not give up, with a tourist visa, he went to Qatar and part-time working as a utility man for three months and only earns 10 Qatari Riyals per hour (130 pesos). He even pushes himself to work for 15 hours to earn more. He then returned to the Philippines when his visa expired.

Still, he applied to an agency to work in Saudi Arabia. He works as a janitor and earns 700 Saudi Riyals (₱ 8,000). It was not enough to support his family so decided to do a sideline business to be able to add more from his meager salary. 

He decided to sell adobong mani to his fellow OFWs and he earns 300 Saudi Riyals on regular days, and 700 Saudi Riyals during weekends. He was then able to give a better life to his family back home.

His story is truly inspiring. His determination and willingness to push on despite the hardships and obstacles finally paid off. Now he is looked up in Saudi by his fellow OFW and serves as an inspiration to us all. Kudos to you kuya!

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