Nighttime Wildlife Cam found something

When police in Gardner, Kansas, received reports of a mountain lion in the city’s Celebration Park, they set up several trail cameras at night to confirm the sightings.

They didn’t capture the majestic feline doing his thing, but they did catch some, uh, other things.

“We will have another different concern, ” the department wrote in a Facebook post Monday. “We are trying to identify a number of the wildlife and activity in these pictures. ”

mostly they get usual image like coyote or racoon

But another time, they get weird stuff

No outing in the park would be complete without this lovely lady.

GARDNER POLICE DEPT “sincerely thanked” whoever was in charge of the unhinged montage, saying it “made our day when we pulled up what we likely to be a huge selection of pictures of coyotes, foxes and raccoons. … Your energy and love of life are greatly appreciated. ”

Cpl. Robert Huff told the Associated Press that law enforcement still doesn’t know who’s behind the ridiculous images, but called the whole lot “pretty comical. ”


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