NASA live stream films SIX UFOs fly METRES away from International Space Station

The YouTube video taken from NASA camera on the ISS itself shows one faded object appear to pass the space station.

Then four clearer objects appear to pass, followed by a sixth faded one.

The footage was uploaded by YouTube user Streetcap 1 who spends hours scouring ISS live cams looking for anomalies.

He has posted several clips of alleged UFOs by the ISS, but many have been exposed as nothing more than lens flares being projected out by the camera after light reffacted inside the lens.

But, the latest video is one of the more intriguing ones.

The video, uploaded this month, has been picked up by UFO blogger Scott C Waring.

He blogged on “This amazing catch was by Streetcap1 of Youtube as he watched the space station and caught a fleet of UFOs doing a fly by of the ISS. 

“They came in close and they came within about 30 to 50 meters.”

He claimed it was proof they were alien spaceships.

He added: “So, the aliens were fully aware that they would be seen on the live internet cameras and they just didn’t give a flying f***. 

“You see, on Earth, aliens in the most part, have to follow our rules, especially the rules made by former presidents that say that alien cannot reveal themselves to humans…yet. 

“But in space, its their home turf, and that means, their rules. As you can see for yourself, they do as they please.”

But, Scott Brando, a forensic UFO investigator, who runs hoax-busting website, said it was just paticles of ice floating past, that were out of focus, giving an orb-like appearance.

He also said that the footage dated back to 2010, and was being re-run on YouTube, withoutthis pointed out.

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