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First, cut out the sticker. 2 Drop a few drops of water on your table. 3) Place the sticker in the drops, with the blue side of the paper facing down. 4. Wait 10 to 15 seconds for the paper roll to begin. 5, you can feel at home by putting the sticker on your tweezers and laying it on the nail. 6 Use a finger to press the sticker Simply to put on your nail, and slide the protective film from the bottom of the path. 7) You can move the sticker to the desired location. With a handkerchief, flake and press the sticker to air and water to remove it. 8) Wait 1 – 2 seconds, the sticker is off on the nail. 9 Apply a thin coat of topcoat on the sticker. Dry it. 10, apply another coat of topcoat over the entire nail and let it dry.Nail Stickers Templates Nail Decorations Nail Art
 easy to use clear, weird pattern, make it easy to use
 nice and good quality vinyl, sweet and stylish design for fingers or toes; They are self-adhesive, so they stick well on your nail ar
  Wide application a funny and simple nail art decoration that will make your phone look unique and professional results without having to spend a lot of money on a nail salon
 Easy to clean or remove these stickers over any color polish and in any way you like

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